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Carotech - Your Preferred Partner in Biodiesel Excellence


Innovation with Molecular Distillation

(Ultra High Vacuum, Super Low Temperature)

CaroDiesel® natural palm methyl ester has been fast gaining acceptance as an alternative fuel to mineral diesel due to its environmental friendly properties. The global warming phenomena, fast diminishing petroleum  reserves, increasing energy consumption and greater environmental awareness, have led to a new conflict between our civilization and mother-earth. In addition, the recent significant increase of gasoline and diesel prices has resulted in the need and demand for better and affordable alternatives such as CaroDiesel® , especially in developed and polluted cities.


Besides reducing the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, the use of CaroDiesel®  at 100% concentration (B-100), can produce virtually zero tailpipe emissions of sulphur oxides and drastically lower levels of particulates and hydrocarbons than does petroleum diesel and hence significantly reducing pollution and public health risks.


Carotech has taken this visionary initiative to promote the use of CaroDiesel® and is proud to accomplish the mission of providing the world community with a clean and environment-friendly alternative fuel for the betterment of the environment and humanity.

28 April 2014
Palm oil biodiesel programme to cover all of Malaysia by July
22 October 2012
B10 biofuel programme to help reduce inventory
13 August 2012
Rapeseed biodiesel fails sustainability test
06 October 2011
B5 Supply Nationwide Earliest By 2013, Says Dompok
02 June 2011
Biodiesel goes on sale
20 May 2011
B5 biodiesel in stages, starting with Putrajaya
16 March 2011
MPOB: Only 10 biodiesel plants operating
17 June 2010
B5 Mandate Next Year Takes Into Account Time To Set Up Blending Facilities
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